Saturday, April 30, 2011

Z - Zonnig !

It is 17 minutes past midnight as I write  these lines, and I am still up to do chores (last minute organising for our trip early this morning!) I can only do in total peace  when the entire house fall into deep slumber.

I thought I could also use this time to post the final word/phrase for the final letter of the A to Z Blogging Challenge

Zonnig: Dutch word for sunny.

By choosing this word, I am summarizing the feeling I have now that I am at the end of this project.  More on this on Monday, when I post my blog for the  A to Z Challenge Reflections Mega Post,  where Arlee Bird asks us to share our reflections of the A to Z Blogging experience.

I also chose this word as a chant that the weather today will be just like that - sunny!  Not only because I would love the girls to have a wonderful trip to their Oma H in Germany but also for the people of the Netherland's, who will be celebrating Koninginnedag or Queen's  Day!

When P and I are not too exhausted from our trip back, we will probably go and dive in the festivities in Amsterdam.  Otherwise, as our motto of simplifying life goes: there is always next year!

Many thanks for the comments and new blog subcribers from A to Z , as well as ICLW's! As mentioned in previous post, I will be visiting each and everyone of you, who have left comments, subscribed because you all touch me with your thoughtful gesture.

Have a lovely weekend!  Happy Queen's Day, to all those who celebrate it!

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  1. Hi, I've been visiting for ICLW, but I tend to find myself swamped at the end of the month and rarely have time/energy to comment, although I try to balance by doing it the other three weeks of the month. (If that makes sense to anybody but me???) Congrats on finishing the A to Z Challenge, and I look forward to doing a better job of following in May!

  2. It make sense to me! :) Last week, I found myself in the same situation with my first ICLW; it was unexpected flood of family activities.

    Now, I am on the same path, I copied the list and bookmarked the page of ICLW participants, and as time goes by will be visiting them in the weeks leading to the actual IComLeavWe week. Hopefully this will be an effective strategy to make the commenting flow smoother!

    Thanks for taking time to drop by!