Why Do Cows Moo?

Why do cows moo? Or how I started this page.

After reading the article in the link above, I knew, I simply had to start the idea, that has been cooking at the back of my head since end of 2006: a blog of my own, recording daily musings, with the hopes of inspirihg, empowering and creating a smile.

This quote served as my catalyst:
"...this ‘moo’ sound of the cow reveals, according to him (Bristow Niven), the sum of who they are... A sum of what the cows want out of their lives was interpreted from their ‘moo’ sound. "
Those words were the final push to start My Daily Mooosings in the Netherlands.

I might be called and viewed insane, silly for the thoughts I just shared but well,  I have learned to embrace my eccentricity.

Although, I have to be honest and say, the cynic in me still googled Bristow Niven to be able to present a logical justification for what made me act on an idea I have had for such a long time in what seem to be a whimsical manner.

Not finding any information on him did not deter me at all.

In the end, it is beside the point if his seven year study, which supposed to have produced a book exist or not. The point is, the words made me take action. Action to make one baby step towards building a strong foundation to something I love doing, and make it a part of my daily life.

If I can have the same effects on a random reader of this blog, then I will happily be moooing daily!

I have to give special mention to so many people, but for tonight I will share my thanks to P for giving me the cow (bank) on the picture above, and to the eldest daughter (also together with P) for helping me with the lay-out.

AND to Heggies & queenie for being such a loyal friend, and reader. HUGE ((((((huggies))))))))) to you both, dearest friends!

Netherlands, 12.01.12

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