Who is Paper?

Hi, my name is Joanna and Paper is  was my online nickname. It was coined by longstanding blogging friends, who all accompanied me when I begun my journey in the blogosphere. 

When I started to blog anonymously in September 2006, I created the username PAPERBACKWRITER. In a short period, everyone begun calling me paper ~.  A moniker, I came to love and in the end preferred using.

Yes, I made a lot of mistakes when I started blogging. One glaring fact is that I capitalized my username, not knowing then, that when I type words in capitals, it is tantamount to screaming, when I do so online.

Between (2006)  the time  I "screamed" my online name unknowingly in the internet, and the beginning of the year 2011, when I finally started writing under my real name, I feel, that  have learned, improved and grown.

I would like to grow more, continue to  be inspired, and in the process inspire like I was inspired.  The latter being the strongest motivation, and reason for the courage I acquired to begin this blog.

I hope to do so through thoughtful writing, soulful blogging , creatively expressing myself through different mediums, exchanging ideas with fellow bloggers, and the world at large.

Most importantly spreading love, hope and cheers.

originally posted in January 2011
updated February 2015