Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I Have Noodles in My Nostrils

“You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it.” ~ Robin Williams

Not feeling very well today (after announcing yesterday of having excellent health after such a long time!) Again, almost skipped the day but made a valiant effort to be "present" if not "perfect" for the project.

Tonight's spur of idea behind the portrait came after searching for a poetry about noodles. I wanted to make my depressing picture to a "fun" image as part of the month's 365 ~ self-portraits theme.

I would have used real noodles, but I am bushed.

Here is the poem, I found that inspired me to add belatedly noodles in my nostrils.


I Have Noodles in My Nostrils

I have noodles in my nostrils.
I have noodles on my nose.
There are noodles on my cheeks and chin
and dripping down my clothes.

I've got more upon my forehead.
Some are sticking to my neck.
It's completely disconcerting.
I'm a noodle-covered wreck.

I can see them on my kneecaps,
and I know they're in my shoes.
(When I stand they're somewhat squishy
and I feel them start to ooze.)

There are several in my pockets.
There's a handful in my hair.
And I'm pretty sure that some are even
in my underwear.

So try not to do what I did
(I'm a total nincompoop),
and don't ever fall asleep
while eating chicken noodle soup.
--Kenn Nesbitt

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