Tuesday, February 1, 2011

3 Fun Things in the First of February

Yay today is the first of February!

Tonight I share with you three fun things that I did:

1) Sat under (one of my many!) favourite tree, and took an image of it. This might become a fun series to do!

Please click image for better viewing
2) Searched for a joke to share tonight (have to see if this will be a regular thing...and for the sake of overcoming my perfectionist nature...I will only give myself one minute to search for a joke and have to stick to that time limit!):

"I told my wife that a man is like a fine wine... I always get better with age. The next day, she locked me in the wine cellar."

3) Realising that today was Tuesday, and not Monday!

  I have to laugh with P today when we talked over the phone - as we always do - during one of his mini-breaks at work because I thought it was Monday, and not as the reality is, Tuesday! One would think someone like me, who has four ongoing (yikes! lol) 365 projects will have a firm grip of what day it is.

But that is what 365 is all about being totally submerged with fun projects that is all about living in the now, that you forget the worries and stress of everyday life.  What a joy it is to discover that tomorrow is already the middle of the week, and  3 days shy away from the weekend!

What fun things did you do or happened to you today?

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