Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sweet Saturday

Some people say what they feel through love letters, some through flowers, but my P says it with food:

fluffy warm tasty pancakes for Saturday brunch!  

P took time in his very short day with the family to bake a batch of pancakes before he prepared himself for work.  This is a much appreciated gesture not only because he took the time to make something that the family loves but because he had a very short night (came home at past 3 am) and he has to be at work at exactly half an hour as I write this.

Sometimes words are not there, somedays flowers seems not enough,  and some special days you get lucky you get everything:

heartsqueezing words. . . I love you


and the pancakes :)

What made your Saturday sweet?

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Sending special lovies & huggies to my army of angels and soulsistahs.  Most of all special lurvies to England!

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  1. super happy to read this soulsistah :-) mmmmwwwaahh's from England :-D xxxx