Thursday, February 10, 2011

Where we once lived and Thursday Treat

Come with me, and let me tell you a story of how we once lived in Hamburg, Germany... :)
Last year, we had a series of accidents at home.

First, the littlest pulled a plug of the external HD, which caused it to fall down, and made the data in it inaccessible (it contained 3-4 years of documentation of our life in images).

Then my laptop had a virus, that shut down the system. Need I mention, that it was full of images that for the most part did not have any back-up anywhere else?

Call me a chronic procrastinator - I tend to make many images but most of the time, they stay ages in storage before I can share them... it is just me being me. lol

Anyway, I do want to save (have a back-up of) most of the rediscovered images we thought we have lost, and in the process, reminisce about days, that seems to belong to another lifetime.
Yes, that is the place I am thinking tonight, here in the Netherlands: mein Hamburg.  Where do your thoughts bring you today?
 P.S. 12.02.11
Being distracted yesterday, I broke off the unplanned title week theme.  So, tonight, I belatedly added "Thursday Treat" to the title, and the image to go along with it.
The best thing in life is chocolate cake for second breakfast: Thursday treat!

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