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My Daily Mooosings in the Netherlands recently accepted sponsorship.

If you will notice some of my posts have "water mark" on them : This is a sponsored post, at the upper left hand corner, and the lower right corner, This is a sponsored post.*

The advertisers on the post I write have not supplied me with the text for the sponsored posts I published. All words and opinions on this blog page are mine.

I must add, that the sponsored posts I write are a part of my regular personal blogging.  It still is myself recording our simple life, our simple pleasuress and our family's adventures in the Netherlands.

The images of my sponsor's products with corresponding links to their websites are photographs of products, I myself would like to test and/or purchase.  They are products either on my "I-would-like to-buy list", "I-am-buying- list"or on the "I-would-like-to-test/try list".

They are products relevant to the content of this blog.

This is how I work with advertisers, sponsors I currently have and would work with in the future.

If you would like to work together with me, please send an email @
*This text colour(s) were chosen to avoid disrupting the reading experience of followers of this blog. Not in anyway to mislead anyone.

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