Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Doing my first "Tree" yoga pose  with Lilian Fit For Free instructor, at the end of my first yoga lesson at the gym in Hilversum

26 Days to Berlin: Short and sweet tonight because I am feeling the lids of my eyes are ready to shut down after the activities of the day!

29.68 kms distance covered with the bike at the end of a very warm late Summer day, which started beautifully after an excellent, rejuvenating and calming yoga session in the morning @ Fit For Free in Hilversum . #icangetaddictedtobeingtwisted :D

This is a simple sneak blog-series preview post of my adventures in the gym!

More stories about my training and Berlin Marathon countdown @ Happy Feet in the Netherlands.

Monday, September 3, 2012

First Day of School!

The image above shared today as my #FMSPhotoADay was one of many images I took to capture the essence of the first day of school for our family.  I love the spontaneity of it, and the story it tells.

Eldest on the bike with her friend, far away from the family all sitting in the car on the way home. This picture was taken after eldest first long day at her new school (equivalent of high school in the Netherlands).

The entire family went to the school (for a gathering of all the parents - brothers and sisters were present as well - of 250 kids!) to show support in this new stage in her life. We are all SO proud of J!

I've learned through the years that in letting go, you gain so much more. I have to admit it's hard, specially when it's about the girls. The girls have shown us through the years, that the rewards are great. :)

I love seeing J happy harvesting the fruits of her labor - 3 years in Holland, and she has come along away...

She was 10 y.o. as old, as middle daughter is now, as we moved here, so very far from the northern city in Germany, her birth country.

In a short period, she's mastered the Dutch language, gained good friends and has managed to mature quiet excellently but at the same time make the best of her childhood in her new home, a beautiful idyllic corner in the North of Holland

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Simplifying & Superfying September

While preparing for my long run today, my personal NaBloPoMo theme occured to me: Simplifying & Superfying September.

What still keeps me from blogging regulary is needing things to be "perfect".

Now, I would like to use once again this month long blogging to reinforce spontaneity in my postings.

Tonight, I share once again my  #FMSPhotoADay: Father: the little girl on the picture is me, sitting on the lap of my dad, while we all posed for a family picture on my first birthday. The girl beside my mom is my cousin.

I think this is the only birthday I had as a toddler with a complete set of images.


Today was a long day. But no time to go into details. What I would like to share though, is that I covered a distance of 18 kms. Details of this will be shared eventually @ Happy Feet in the Netherlands.

Well, that's it! Mission accomplished: simplified & superfied (highligh of the day, shared in short version) post. :)

What do you do to simplify and superfy your blogging?

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Super Saturday in September!

Day 1|#FMSPhotoADay| You: in the car with the family (I ♡ photo op in our car) this afternoon: the begin to what was a beautiful Saturday!

Hello! It's moi again, and this time with a latest pic and not from the archives. :) Aaaand  I have @FatMuMSlim with her September's Edition of  #FMSPhotoADay challenge to thank for the motivation to finally share a new image of myself.

It was pretty handy with the last posts I shared here to simply use archive pics.  But I have to admit I am one of those bloggers,who would love to use the latest photos when sharing a new blog, as much as possible. 

Well, the next 30 days, I'll TRY to do just that with the #FMSPhotoADay challenge. Wish me luck that this is the month I finally ace it (I've tried more than a couple of times since I discovered this challenge last February!).

While I am at it, I thought why not do the September edition of NaBloPoMo.

The theme for September is EYE. I'll let myself be inspired by  Blogher's NaBloPoMo wring prompts for September but will also do freestyle writing when the mood, day's events calls for it. :)

I have been counting down the days to my first Berlin Marathon,.  My initial attempt at daily blogging about it, which begun months before was not quiet as consistent as I had hope it would be.  Thus the project: 42 FOR 42 was born: 42 days countdown to my first 42 kms run in photos.

Tonight it's 29 Days to Berlin: The family is together again in the Netherlands, after the girl's spent 4 weeks of their 6 week's holidays with their Oma H in Germany.

We went shoe shopping amongst other things for the new school year! Everyone got a pair (even P, except moi, whose been planning to get a new pair since beginning of August! :D But I got other goodies...more about them tomorrow...).  It was like Christmas in September.
The highlight of the day was eating at our favourite Greek restaurant: Grieks Restaurant Niki in Weesp.

The day was a belated birthday celebration of middle daughter K, a celebration of eldest beginning in a new school, and a "thanks-giving-for-a-beautiful-Summer-School-Break"!

It seems that whenever we are in Weesp, it has become an unspoken ritual to eat ice-cream at Nelis Ijssalon. I'm addicted to their warm apple cake with cream and a chosen scoop of ice-cream.  Tonight was not different, after our Greek dinner, the family had the dessert there (it's only around the corner!).  Pity, I did not get to finish everything even if I drank peppermint tea because I was still too full from the dinner.  P and the girls were no longer up to a long walk after our dinner and simply wanted to dive into eating dessert. :D

How was your first day of September? Was it sweet, savoury, or went super fast?!