Monday, September 3, 2012

First Day of School!

The image above shared today as my #FMSPhotoADay was one of many images I took to capture the essence of the first day of school for our family.  I love the spontaneity of it, and the story it tells.

Eldest on the bike with her friend, far away from the family all sitting in the car on the way home. This picture was taken after eldest first long day at her new school (equivalent of high school in the Netherlands).

The entire family went to the school (for a gathering of all the parents - brothers and sisters were present as well - of 250 kids!) to show support in this new stage in her life. We are all SO proud of J!

I've learned through the years that in letting go, you gain so much more. I have to admit it's hard, specially when it's about the girls. The girls have shown us through the years, that the rewards are great. :)

I love seeing J happy harvesting the fruits of her labor - 3 years in Holland, and she has come along away...

She was 10 y.o. as old, as middle daughter is now, as we moved here, so very far from the northern city in Germany, her birth country.

In a short period, she's mastered the Dutch language, gained good friends and has managed to mature quiet excellently but at the same time make the best of her childhood in her new home, a beautiful idyllic corner in the North of Holland

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  1. I am in awe of children and how they can adapt so well to new countries and languages etc. I only speak English, and my nieces are speaking Japanese as well as English at home. It is wonderful. Lovely picture! All the best in the new school year!