Sunday, September 2, 2012

Simplifying & Superfying September

While preparing for my long run today, my personal NaBloPoMo theme occured to me: Simplifying & Superfying September.

What still keeps me from blogging regulary is needing things to be "perfect".

Now, I would like to use once again this month long blogging to reinforce spontaneity in my postings.

Tonight, I share once again my  #FMSPhotoADay: Father: the little girl on the picture is me, sitting on the lap of my dad, while we all posed for a family picture on my first birthday. The girl beside my mom is my cousin.

I think this is the only birthday I had as a toddler with a complete set of images.


Today was a long day. But no time to go into details. What I would like to share though, is that I covered a distance of 18 kms. Details of this will be shared eventually @ Happy Feet in the Netherlands.

Well, that's it! Mission accomplished: simplified & superfied (highligh of the day, shared in short version) post. :)

What do you do to simplify and superfy your blogging?


  1. Nice photo. You were a cutie!