Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday's Weee: ♡ Dutch Morning Sky

taken at 7:54 am on the way to bringing the girls to school

The fresh air, the energy of the morning, and the sky are what makes up for standing up early! Thanks to beloved P for the lurvies, huggies, and loving the skies with us. Ik hou van je ♡!

I was not a morning person until I started working and living abroad (21 y.o.), and as the girls came one by one (27 y.o.). Although I still struggle to get out of bed (specially in Winter!), I do feel rewarded each and every day of the year for what I see outside when I finally step out, breathe in the morning air, look up in the sky!

I have missed recording images of how I see life in the Philippines (we could not afford a camera with quality, and the culture of using the camera for everyday while I was growing up still did not exist);  in UAE (the time there went like a blink!); in Germany (was simply too busy living and surviving, lol).

Now here in the Netherlands, I take time to take images from literally sunrise to sunset and in between a lot of what seems mundane for most but I hold dear.  Time goes by so fast, taking pictures makes me feel like I am grasping it just a little bit longer. :)

taken 1:37 pm right after coming home

How do you grasp time a little bit longer?

Clicking on the images will give you a better view!

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