Monday, February 7, 2011

My Simple Monday Bliss

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On my way to bed before midnight (!!!), I count three good things for Monday:

  • We were in time for school in spite of standing up a little later than we should (having been sick and staying Thursday and Friday home plus the entire weekend, it was difficult to get into the rhythm of early morning again!)
  • We were able to feed the ducks on our way back home after picking up the girls from school (with old bread and not newly bought ones from the bakery, as we were doing in the past,lol)
  • The lovely dinner of spaghetti with bell peppers & meatballs (lotsa meataballs :D *Italian accent*) followed by delicious pudding was a delight to everyone specially since the family was gathered together complete; P was home early than usual from work!   

The beautiful things in life are free -  I surely agree!

What were your Monday bliss?

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