Monday, February 28, 2011

The Simple Pleasure of Soup

To enjoy  this delish dish vicariously, please click the image

An "early" post today.

The first day of the week, and the first day of the girls being back to school.  I was up early even though I wanted to sleep in since I did not sleep much last night.  P brought the girls to school, and Omi B will bring them home today.  I had to give in and admit that as much as I would like to do it myself today, I was afraid I will only worsen my condition.  It always seems simple enough biking to and fro, but the weather outside is cold and wet.  Plus, having awoken with a piercing ear ache, made me summon the courage to ask for help.

It is rather silly this, of not finding it easy to ask for help when it has always been willingly and generously given to me by many love ones.  But there it is, I am still constantly practicing.

P bought broth and veggies yesterday and I cooked it for breakfast a couple of hours ago.  It made a lot of difference, that he gave me a paracetamol and peppermint tea before I got up today. I am usually not so big with taking pills even as simple as aspirin.  But there it is again, I am constantly practicing.

When you have kids to care for, who are dependent on your well being, you simply need to over come all the things you feel you can't.  They make it simple.

It was very soothing the heating of the broth, adding the pre-cut veggies, writing emails while waiting for it to cook.  The act of "taking care of one-self", hopefully sends the body it's needed message to heal.

As the aroma wafted the air, the stress already lifted from my shoulder.  The first taste was like a mom's embrace: warm, reassuring.

I think, I will get another portion.  It should be what doctor's prescribes: soup the whole day.

Have a healthy week, y'all!

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