Tuesday, April 26, 2011

V - Veni, vidi, vici

I am feeling triumphant today, and when I do, I often chant: 

Veni, vidi, vici  as if they were magical words in a fairy tale...

When I was a little girl fairytales helped me dream the life I lead today...

I am re-posting one of the image in the collage from yesterday's  post Unforgettable Day.  While I edited it in picasa/picnik, I thought of it, as marking and preserving the pure happiness I feel.

 I love fairytales, and when I read the fairytale books I did when I was a little girl, it helped me dream. Wishful dreams that all (almost all, and then some) came to reality.

Although there were more than enough dark moments in life, I never gave up hope even if there were many times I said out loud, in the midst of almost crying my insides out: I am tired, I had enough, this needs to end! Life continued, as it should.

I am grateful and say a prayer of thanks when I feel this peace, this pure joy, and I feel it even more deeper when I write and share it...

You can write your own life's fairytales, it can come true, and the important magic words that you have to whisper to the pages, when you are finished writing are: believe, patience, unendless hope & love.

Then take a nap because sleep is essential to making fairytales come true. As I will do when I finished writing this line. The end.

 Oh, a question before I do go, what is your favourite fairytale?  I will write mine tomorrow!

Blognote: Usually, I am extremely OCD about projects I do, and it calms me to follow guidelines, which most of the time I set myself.  

For the last quarter of the year I have been continuously taking pictures for two projects: 365~ self-portraits and 365 day of blogging, and I am happy to share that so far I have not missed a day!  But that has the price of me often times staying way past mid-night to create a post with an image I am comfortable to share.

There are days, that I postpone taking a picture until the last minute when I put myself under time pressure, that I simply will have to take a spontaneous image at the last minute to not miss a day.  There is then no time to obsess about the picture shared.

If you have been following this blog a while now, you will know that my posts, all single one of them are all mini-efforts to help me simplify how I lead life, that I may have more quality time, simple cherished moments to experience with my family.

Thus, today, I am breaking a way a bit from my OCD nature, and posting a picture from yesterday to accompany the blog of today (for 365 day of blogging, and IComLeavWe April 2011), later on in the day I will be adding/editing in this blog, the day's (365) self-portrait, which is also participating in the A to Z Blogging Challenge April 2011.

This may all sound confusing for readers! My apologies! But yes, you find yourself in the midst of a person making babysteps towards little personal improvements and changes, and many times the efforts may seem 
too silly to comprehend.

image edited in 7 hours after this blog was posted


  1. Hello from ICLW! What a positive, smiley blog you've got going on here! I love it, and you have a new follower. I love your project idea and commend you for letting go of the OCD thing in your latest post to hang with the fam. :)

    I'm looking at new blogs to give an award to....I've given you the Versatile Blogger Award. If you'd like to accept it, pick it up from my blog.

    ICLW #71

  2. Welcome to my little virtual writing corner, Maria!

    Thank you so much for your warm & beautiful comment, and for giving me an inspiration for today's post, which I will be posting in a little bit.

    Also, please accept my gratitude for the blog award; it absolutely made my day! I have been dragging myself a bit today and feeling overwhelmed. You brightened my day and I feel such a huge surge of positive energy.

    Quiet grateful too, that ICLW brought you to my page, and I Iook forward to getting to know you beyond ICLW event!

    Joanna aka paper ~