Saturday, April 2, 2011

B - Braid

Today's inspiration came from middle daughter K! Who looked so pretty in her braid, I simply had to have the moments with her and later on with her sisters as the highlight of the day.

It gives me sublime pleasure to be able to share an experience I shared with my mom, and my grandmother, who both braided my hair when I was young, and as they did, shared stories of their lives.

As, I continue on with this tradition, I feel I pass on the love, roots and heritage I was given in my childhood.

What simple moment shared with your parents/grandparents do you pass on to your children?


My health is currently giving me grief again.  But I am determined to continue this project - simplifying where I can.  For tonight, I sacrificed editing most of the pictures in the collages, and focused more on the feeling it will evoke when the images are put together.  I hope you share the joy I had putting them together, when you view them. (please, click on the collage to have a better view!)

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