Thursday, April 7, 2011

F - Fleeting

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When you know something in your life is only fleeting, try to find ways to enjoy them with a deeper sense ~ paper

 The story behind the creation of this blog is a long one, but the motivation to be here every single day is all about time, fleeting time.  The project 365~ self-portraits, which is within this 365 blogging project, is also about time, grasping fleeting moments.

My love for the four seasons has given me a better perspective of time.  Why mourn the passing time, and see it as a loss when you can relish the beauty all around you that symbolizes the passing of time?

The more I follow nature, through the different perspectives of  Spring, Summer, Autumn, & Winter the more I let go of my inner tension to want to grasp time.

2 years ago, P took a picture of a tree for me. It was after  an early evening Spring walk to the heather with the family. I have been telling him that week, that  I liked the tree and would like to follow it through the four seasons.  Since it was getting late, and the girls needed to be prepared for school, he went down and took a quick shot of the tree for me.  It was a gesture that made my heart feel warm, and something I will never forget.

Image taken on the 5th of April, 2009 at 6:44 pm

I came to Ankeveen to visit P in the Summer of 2007; two years later in Spring, we decided we will make Netherlands our home.  There are a lot of wonderful things I like about our new home, but what what I love most are the trees that abound everywhere. 

four seasons collage of the trees in front of our window

This year, I am determined to extend my project of following the trees in front of our window through different seasons  (my inspiration!), to include the trees in our region.

It sounds ambitious but like with any other projects I have ongoing, I will go about it one baby step at a time!

Starting with this tree around the corner of our home.

Image taken today, 7th of April at 11:45 am

I have been taking pictures of it (among other trees in the neighbourhood) since Winter,  patiently watching and recording the transformation it is undergoing.

Today  P called just as he got in the car on his way to work to remind me that the tree is losing it's blossoms.

I went with the littlest for her afternoon walk to take what perhaps will be our last shot of the tree still in it's full splendour before the leaves verdantly makes it's appearance.

It was also a lovely opportunity to revisit a Spring Walk that I documented with the littlest around our village last year.  Next time, I will write a blog dedicated to it.

She enjoys it tremendously that she knows every turns and corners of our neighbourhood, and I tremendously enjoy sharing her simple bliss.

Times shared with the littlest in her awe-inspiring wonderment of everything around her is also fleeting.

I feel grateful that I can relish every single moment of it.

Most of all I feel a certain pride, that our girls are learning to appreciate, nature, time, moments with family as how they should be:

Image taken today, 7th of April at 11:50 am

a precious friend.

What is fleeting in your life?Do you grasp it tightly or have you learned to see the beauty of letting go?


  1. I must tell you the post really got into me. I guess it's because I can really relate to it in a different way. Should i hold on or let go to fleeting moment that made me feel alive? I chose to let go. Why? Because if it's meant for you it will come back. If not then it was nothing but a fleeting moment that can be a wonderful part of your journey. SO yeah I let go... great post... (^_*)

  2. Phoebes, I think this concept of "letting go" in life, sounds so simple but it is something every human being in different areas in their lives will constantly have a challenging time with.

    Personally, if one can focus on something else, that they can accept and celebrate it's constant changes, then you learn from that indirectly.

    For me specifically it is the four seasons. I did not realize how it became easy for me to let go of my anxiety about the passing of time through celebrating each time how a season begins, and ends, with another beginning of yet another season.

    I will write more deeply about it perhaps in the letter S but perhaps what I wrote will give you an idea of how I deal with what I think are something very fleeting and I got obsessed on making time stand still for it, which I know it won't! Or already mourn that, that moment will end! That was exhausting!

    Now, I am MUCH more relax. Like the different may be short, and sometimes too quick but I know every year it will come again.

    Life's beautiful moments, life's wonderful opportunities, they will always come. :)

  3. I love your site and as I browsed your blog I decided to award you the Creative Blog Award.
    Go to and pick up your award.

  4. Thank you, Deirdra! What a lovely surprise one minute to midnight! :)

    I'm honoured.

    It will be the first thing I will do tomorrow, pick up my first blog award. Again, my heartfelt appreciation.

    Joanna aka paper ~

  5. A good morning from the Netherlands, Deirdra!

    I visited your blog page, and got my award - thank you so much! It will be featured on today's blog to be posted tonight.

    Kind regards, Joanna aka paper ~