Thursday, April 28, 2011

X - Xenophile

Before I went to bed last night, I asked family and friends on my FB page for ideas regarding X-words.  I was delighted to wake up in the morning and see the comments of my long standing favourite blogging friends supplying me with not only great suggestions but their words sparked another idea for a blog series: the X blog series!  More on that later, when the A to Z Blogging Challenge comes to it's final day, and May commences.

Now, to the chosen word for tonight: X- xenophile.  I chose this because I love learning new words, foreign sounding words to be precise!  It is fascinating that I have never known of this word until this morning when I have known of  xenophobia the opposite word of xenophily.

for details about this collage see notes below, and please click on this image for better view

My fascination and eventual love for foreign countries, culture and people started, as I have mentioned from a previous post, through my father's tourist guide profession, my godmother's world travels and my readings as a child of Brother Grimm's & Hans Christian Andersen's Fairytales.

Even when I hardly understood what I read, it excited me to read words that were foreign to me.  I guess, in hindsight, that was the early beginnings of my love affair with foreign languages.

Admittedly, I have not thought much about this love for everything foreign, I did wonder why I never fear living in different countries, no hesitation to make huge transitions such as speaking a new language, adapting to a new culture or adjusting to new food (this I have observed is not very easy for Filipinoes, who does welcome new delicasies and are known for their excellent way to adapting to any thing foreign but tend to want Filipino staple food on a daily basis to be completely satisfied and happy!)  but when it comes to daily routine of life, I am more challenged!

Today's post is an introduction to how I will dig deeper over this passion for everything foreign!  Perhaps another series?! ☺

Do you see yourself as a xenophile?  Is this the first time you come across this word?  What are your thoughts about xenophily?


First of all thank you all ICLW April 2011 friends for the comment you left on my blog and for subscribing to this page! Even though today marks the end of the week long commenting, I have noted those new blogging friends, and will definitely spend time paying you all a visit to get to know each one of you better.  

This same sentiment goes to all my fellow A to Z Blogging Challenge Apri 2011 bloggers!  You have motivated me in days that I simply wanted to give up!  It may have been random but I felt the sincerity of each cheer that the comment left behind.

A special thank you to my long standing blogger friend, who is residing in Japan for giving me the word of the day!  He has always provided me with creative inspiration through our years of friendship with the images he passionately takes, his admirable writing and his unique sense of humour. I miss your blogs, dear friend! But I am grateful to FB because I still get to experience snippets of your wit.  Also you feed my xenophily profusely with tales of life in Japan!


Details on the images on the collage:

Upper-left corner : Reichstag, during a visit to Berlin 2009
Upper-left: Brandenburger Gate, Berlin 2009
Lower left corner: De Mole, Windmill Restaurant, Easter 2011
Upper-right corner: London Yuletide Holiday, 1997
Lower-right corner: Trinity College Library Dublin, Yuletide Holiday 2009
Middle: 365~ self-portrait 28. April, 2011 

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