Monday, April 11, 2011

I - In Anticipation of...

P came home tonight with narcissus in what looks to be a half-egg shell vase
The entire family is in anticipation of very busy weeks ahead!

Middle daughter is in the midst of preparing herself for her first communion.  Oldest is busy with prepping herself for her bicycle test at school.  P and I are at this very moment organizing, and coordinating our schedules that he may have free days for the coming April/May holidays.

There is of course Easter, Queen's Day, the girls May school break to be spent in Germany, the Liberation day, etc!

In the blogging part of my life, I am in high anticipation of the IComLeavWe April 2011 (see badge on the right side column of this blog page), it will be the first time I will be participating!

BTW, speaking of blogging life, I have not mentioned it like I planned two days ago, but I would  like to thank Deidra Eden-Coppel, writer of the blog A Storybook World, for bestowing this page with the Creative Blog Award, the image of which you can also now see on the upper right corner of this page.

She herself has created this artwork.  If you would like to check out her site dedicated to her work, you can click on this link: Knightess

I truly appreciated the kind gesture and recognition. It brought me feelings of being in gleeful anticipation of what lies ahead for this blog - who might stumble on it, and who it will be able to help without me completely ever being aware of it.  Just like I was helped by my random clicks.

So, what about you friendly folks out there, what are you all in high anticipation of?

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