Wednesday, April 13, 2011

K - Kermis, Kerk & Kindness

Today we went spontaneously to the Kermis (Dutch word for the fair)!

The littlest and I brought middle daughter to St. Antonius Kerk (Dutch word for church) late in the afternoon, where the first communion class gathered to go to a bakery in Loosdrecht for some preparations for Palm Sunday.

It was not very practical to go home and so we passed the time to look through the fair.  Of course, living in the village, it was much simpler than the one I am used to when we lived in one of the biggest city in Germany.   Still it was fun to be surrounded by so many excited children, kids, parents and grandparents.  The weather was fantastic as well - cool but sunny, and dry!

this is not the littlest first cotton candy. but the first was such a long time ago!

When we returned to the church to wait for the arrival of the communion class, littlest enjoyed the time we had to wait for her older sister because she could ran around the courtyard, and play creative games with the pebbles that blanketed the yard surrounding the church.

hard to catch a snap at this ever moving child

off she goes again to create her own adventures!

Finally, the mom that drove one of the car pool for the communion class, where middle daughter rode, strode happily towards us, with middle daughter running ahead of her.  I had to agree with her when she said, as you can see from middle girl's face"(powdered with flour) she has been very hard at work!

on the way home, and so excited to tell what she experienced

After thanking the mom, we went our way to go shopping for groceries before we set off for home.  Middle girl, could not contain her excitement from her experience in the bakery, but it has been also such a long day for her , that as she pedaled with her bike on the gravel, she fell over.  Luckily, a thoughtful mother helped her up, and then offered to hold my bike that I could console her properly myself.  What  a lovely gesture, such kindness flowing from her made me feel warm in my heart.

before her fall

We were all lighthearted when we finally finished doing our groceries, and set off home with our bikes rolling us safely on our way.  I managed to take a quick awkward snap of the middle girl under the sign of the kermis for posterity.

the fall forgotten, and simply declaring: this is such a wonderful day, Mommy!

Wow, a lot of K's weren't they?!

And to think I woke up for the first time this morning completely blank what to do with the letter K!  Sometimes you simply got to live the day, and inspiration will just greet you from every corner.

standing behind the bush, watching the littlest play with pebbles, all the K words came to me!

What inspiration  greeted you unexpectedly today?

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  1. Your daughter looks like she has spirit! Hope you are enjoying the Challenge.

  2. Hi, Alex!

    I was about to scoot to bed when I saw my e-mail inbox with your comment.

    Well, I simply could not wait to reply back because I was reading your blog just this morning (!!!), and found your post Alex J. Cavanaugh: A to Z Challenge - I very moving.

    Your commitment to your readers is simply awe-inspiring.

    Best regards, Joanna aka paper ~

  3. In my excitement, I forgot to say:

    Yes, middle daughter does indeed have spirit!

    I am having fun with this blog event, and very challenged every day, not to miss a letter. lol

    Joanna :)

  4. oh they have the cutest smile ever! and what a fun post joanna... (^_^)