Sunday, April 24, 2011

Vrolijke Paasdagen!

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A short and what I hope will be a sweet greeting post:

Happy Easter, and greetings from the lovely beach of  Zandvoort, the Netherlands!

Where have you been spending this long Easter weekend? 

Blognote: The final post of the series The ABC of Me will be posted in May, due to the family's busy schedule.


  1. I've been to Zaandvoort once and was so surprised to see people lying on the beach in the freezing cold. The sun was out but to me from Australia it was freezing.

    I understand though, when you see so little of the sun all winter you welcome it with open arms - and bodies - come the spring. Here we are spoiled for the sun.

    Happy Easter to you, too.

  2. Looks really lovely! We are spending this long weekend at home in Munich, getting ready for my open studio show next weekend. Not the most fun way to spend it, but I'm really happy to have most of my paintings hung and other details worked out.

  3. Hello, Elizabeth!!! :)

    Thank you for dropping by. It makes me smile everytime you do. I just read your comment out loud to P, and was smiling through it.

    As you know perhaps by reading in previous posts, I was born in the Philippines. There, while growing up, I would always wonder why the tourist were almost shirtless while we the locals are wearing cardigans during Christmas season or the wet season here.

    When I was leaving a while in Germany, after having experienced my own share of long Winters, I was relieved to be out of Winter wardrobe, and be happily barefoot on the grass of the nearest park by the first sign of early Spring!!! lol

    We are off in a bit to Efteling Easter Monday's treat for the girls.

    Wishing you lovely moments on the last day of Easter holidays.


  4. Hi, Jul! Welcome to my blog!

    I was about to log-off when I saw your comment pop in my email inbox, and I could not resist to stay on a bit more.

    Frohe Ostern!

    My family would rather stay at home if given a choice, and I tend to literally herd them out for excursions. But once out the feel great almost as if it was their idea in the first place!

    They absolutely enjoy being on the beach and most of the beaches here are literally all less than hour away, so that is pretty convenient for us.

    As I told Elizabeth above, we are off to
    Efteling, and it would be my first visit, too! P has been there previously. Excited!!!

    Schöne grüße aus den Niederlanden!!!