Sunday, April 10, 2011

The ABC of Me (Holland, mijn Nederland(s) )

please click on collage for better view of different emotional expression :P

This collage continues the four Sunday's series of: The ABC of Me (please click on the link for the background of how this idea came to be :) ) They are screen shots from a vlog I initially created for future pep talks to myself, if  I start going through self-defeating litany in my head.

The topic for today's post was inspired by a bike path that I was awfully hanged-up on. But after a year I conquered the paralyzing fear I have of biking along it.

I went to a process that can be compared to adjusting to anything new in life, I suppose. There are always fears and challenges, huge or small, unconscious or subconscious to overcome.

For tonight, I made a list of topics I would like to write about in the future.  They are some of the first Dutch words/phrases I learned, struggled (still struggle) to pronounce.  It's been a fervent wish of mine to record minutely how I learn Dutch, something I missed doing when I learned German.

This future experience will not only be about documenting how I learn Dutch but documenting how I conquer challenges, one word/phrase at a time!

Aardappelen - potatoes
Cadeautje - present
Dank je wel - Thank you (informal)
Elke dag - every day
Fietspad - bike path
Helemaal - all
Ik hou van je - I love you
Jammer - pity
Leuk - fun
Nieuw - new
Olifant - elephant
Precies - exactly
Quasi - like
Radio - specifically Top 2000 Nederland
Tot ziens - goodbye (formal)
Uit - exit (multi-meaning)
Veel plezier - have fun!
Welterusten - good night!
Xylofoon - xylophone (I actually still need to look for an X Dutch word, I simply did not want to leave this blank!
Yoghurt - joghurt
Zelfstandig - independent

 What fear or challenges are you currently facing? How are you coping?

I would love to learn from you; I hope to inspire and be inspired! :)

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