Thursday, April 14, 2011

L - Listen

Do you ever find yourself  having a difficult time to listen to your own voice, to your instinct, through the sound, the noise of life around you?  How do you know that you are dancing to the tune you are listening to and not only going through the motion, mimicking the movement that you see with our easily deceived eyes?

I often have these thoughts, a sort of daily check-up with myself, and most of the time I could answer confidently that I am in tune, and listening intently to that sound from within me. Always striving to improve, to be keener.

Sometimes when the static that every day life can produce overwhelms me, I have to shut myself in and sift through those dissosant sounds that are nestling in my head,  by sitting down, just like now, and writing words that races through my mind.

It is then I find myself soundproofing my consciousness.

Some define it as meditation.  Clearing your head, and creating a pleasant dialogue, or calming images in the  mind for one's well being.

Now, what if during meditation you simply listen without creating a dialogue, or a flow of chant, will the sound you hear from your inner being be purer, be the essence of who you are?

I honestly do not have a clear answer to all these thoughts for tonight.  I am simply sifting through thoughts, soundproofing my consciousness.

All I can say with conviction is that I am prepared, and willing to listen.

How do you listen?


  1. I go on long walks or take a nice bath.

  2. Thank you for taking time to comment, Angela.

    I look forward to reading you, and being inspired. :)

    Joanna aka paper ~