Tuesday, April 19, 2011

P - Paglalambing: a Polylingual's choice word

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Today is one of those days that there are simply too many words for the letter of the day, that I want to write about but too little time to focus on writing a coherent post about one particular subject.

Thus, the tag (or as they call it here in Blogger, the label!) preview post was born years ago because this has happened many times to me in the past yeas of blogging, and I am introducing it here for the first time!

I have used this tag previously as I was still blogging anonymously.  If you have been following me from the very beginning, from the other blogging sites, I posted at, you will know about my effort at simplifying my writing.  I aim more for continuous writing versus the aiming for the perfect blog, in an active battle against chronic writer's block and the painful tendency to want to have everythig perfect, that I end up not doing anything at all.

See, as I re-read the paragraph I have written so far, many P words are popping right at you, such as:

Perfect blog

and for me even between the lines I can see so many P words:


Ultimately, I chose a Filipino word that I introduced to P tonight as we were clearing a misunderstanding.  I felt the word does not actually translate in other languages because of it's cultural meaning.

The word is paglalambing (rough English translation: caress, tenderness) , which when I looked up in Google translate for the Dutch equivalent gave me the word de tederheid as translation.  Automatically, I also look it up in German (Z√§rtlichkeit) because having lived half of my life in Germany, made me emotionally connected to that language; sometimes knowing the word in German gives me a better way of explaining the emotion behind a certain word I am trying to translate.

I chose this subject to feature tonight because it was the last subject I talked about before the house fell quiet, and I am at peace to sit down and post a blog.  Also, I do love words and languages, and talking about my love for speaking multiple languages.

See yet again, I could have used P for polylingual as a subject for tonight!

Alas, I can't elaborate more on the paglalambing subject because I am passing out even as I write this line!  Therefore, I am naming this a preview post of a subject I will take time to write about when the A to Z Blogging challenge, April 2011 is at it's end!

I can do this...yeah, this is  after all my blog (I have to remind myself of this fact, on more than one occasion!) and I can set the rules and parameters.  Or not have any at all!

Do you speak a foreign language? If you do, why did you learn it, and would you like to learn more?


  1. paglalambing... a trait I always have that seems to be take for granted by other people. but it's okay though, patience is something that I learned because of it. Nice post! Made me really think about it... (^_^)

  2. Cool post! I'm stopping by from the A to Z challenge and I look forward to reading more from you.