Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Q - Quo Vadis?

Quo Vadis? Where are you going?

This latin phrase came to me today as  I was thinking of an inspiration for the letter Q.  I heard this for the first time  from Mr. P †, my  Journalism  teacher in my Junior year in high school, as he drafted  a speech, which I delivered for a rhetorical competitionI participated in, representing my alma mater.

He was an inspirational mentor, and together with Mr. S † my class advisor and English teacher helped me in cultivating my writing talent.  The latter encouraged me to join the high school newspaper of which Mr. P was the advisor.

Consulting the wikipedia, I learned of the origin of this latin phrase for the very first time.  It seems very apt to use it reflect on it today, very timely for this Holy Week, to ask : where am I going?

My clear answer is, I am going with my family wherever our united endevours takes us.  Yes, that would be my initial answer.

If I think of it from the perspective of being an individual, within the unit of a family, I will reply: where truth, hopes and dreams leads me.

As a writer, my answer would me: where I could connect with minds, soulful spirits,  who wants to inspire and be inspired.

Yes, I have places to go, life's planes to cover,  and excited to be in different soulful journeys.

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This image was taken Easter 2009, and is currently my desktop image

What about you, where are you going?

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