Friday, April 1, 2011

A - Ankeveen

Welcome to the month of April! With today's blog I officially, ceremoniously welcome you to Ankeveen our home sweet home!

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And welcome to another  blog challenge!

I would have loved to have posted a separate blog introducing this blog event but it is literally last minute that I discovered it, and this serendipitous find serves as the inspiration and motivation for the April set of 365~ self-portrait.

If you would like to check out the origins of this blog challenge and see the list of participating bloggers for this event, you can check out the post, Are you ready for the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge?

The warm welcome I got  yesterday from Arlee Bird, initiator of  A to Z April Challenge on his blog Tossing It Out, Jen Daiker ~ Unedited , Candace Ganger ~ The Misadventures in Candyland, both co-hosting this blogfest amongst other prominent bloggers, and Jingle a fellow blogger participant, inspired me to begin this blog challenge with the name of our village: Ankeveen.

The badge/insignia of Ankeveen
Living in the village, for someone like me who was born in a city and almost lived her entire life in metropolises, is like walking in many scenes of various books I have read throughout my life.  It is like being transported in idyllic surroundings of Brother Grimms,  Astrid Lindgren's writings, to name a couple of my favourites.

I am very happy that our girls are growing up not only  with nature surrounding us but learning how to have appreciation of  simplicity in village life.

We are born city mice, now basking in the life of country mice! Living a dream.

Are you living in the place that resembles the one you dreamt of in your head while reading the books in your youth?


  1. Hello! Seems like a wonderful place to live! Hope you're enjoying this challenge as much as I am!

  2. I'm always drawn to blogs about the Netherlands. My parents came from Haarlem but moved to Australia in the fifties. So I grew up with images of Haarlem in my mind.

    I have an aunt who lived for many years in Anna Paulowna. I visited her there. Ankeveen reminds me of the polders there. It's lovely to meet you.

  3. Hello, and good morning from this side of the world, Matt! :)

    Thank you for dropping by! I went over to check out your blogs, and I enjoyed the A to Z entries to both!

    I "actually" ;) can relate sooo well to the situation with your daughter that I read it twice, giggling through it (sorry, it is a cathartic sort of giggle! please know, you have my sympathies!).That post made me click follow! lol

    Just like you, this blog is originally only a place for me, and I wanted to keep a low profile. But honestly, I am enjoying the random visits from other fellow bloggers participating in the challenge.

    I would be visiting tonight to leave a comment on your blogs, since mornings are a whirlwind of activities, as you can imagine with a household with three young girls! :D

    Have a great weekend!

    Joanna aka paper ~

  4. It's a pleasure to meet you, Elizabeth!

    I loved reading the "About Me" part of your profile. It was what made me click "follow", as well.

    We moved officially here in the Netherlands in March, 2009; I lived before that 16 years in Germany.

    I am excited to get to know each other through our blogs because I have had an affinity to Australia since my childhood days. My dad was a tourist guide in the Philippines, and I used to correspond for him with the friends he had made from abroad (dad was a very sociable person did not have much interest in letter writing!).

    As a nine year old, I exchanged letters with a couple from Brisbane, Australia (Lorraine & Gary! I can't get over the fact that I remember their first names but not their last!). If, I find their pictures in my boxes of old photographs, I might use it for my B entry tonight. They made such an impression on me because of the long letters they sent in reply to mine; I appreciated how they took time to answer my queries about life in Australia.

    Also a very good long standing blogger friend from Queensland was instrumental in making me stay on with blogging, when I almost gave it up four years ago.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend! Here is to new friendship across the oceans!

    Joanna aka paper~