Thursday, April 21, 2011

R - Ready, Log-in, IComLeavWe(eeeeeeeeee)♡ !

Well, today is the day!  How time flew by, and as with other things in my life, I thought I had planned ahead, I thought I will be completely focused when the day commences for an event I have been looking forward to.

Here it is, and I am completely unprepared, feeling the strong tug of being a blog hermit, welcoming the company that comes my way but too scattered to feel confident and show "my face" around!

Yes, it is the blog commenting week fest for April!!!  I have to be, as I always end up with many endevours,  spontaneous as I go along with my first try at a week long active commenting in the blogosphere.

This wonderful idea was initiated by Melissa Ford, book author & blogger of Stirrup Queens.  You could read more about it by clicking the link IComLeavWe or on the blue badge with an illustration of the cute dog, at the right hand side of this page.  For the list of participants for this month, please click here: IComLeaWe April 2011.

This week, with the help of this event, I will practice to not over-think  and will just go with the flow.

I would love to meet a lot of participants, hopefully make new blogger friends, spread some lurv because as Melissa beautifully put it, "Comments are the new hug!" and those who knows me longer, knows that I love giving (((((((((♡ huggies ♡)))))))))).

Writing this post before or right after lunch time is I hope a habit I can consistenly practice; the stress of leaving it until after the end of the day, I feel will lead to me abandoning the 365 project(s).  Eventually, I might  adopt the idea of Jen Daiker of unedited of having a fix time of publishing blogs.  I saw this feature of sharing the fixed schedule of blogging days at Karen Walker's page author Karen Walker...following the whispers.

I purposely put the links of the three wonderful female bloggers above not only to share my joy in reading them but because it is also my way of bookmarking them, since I would definitely love to comment on their blogs today.

Also, while writing this I am making a mental schedule of the visits to all the lovely bloggers, who have thus far commented on my blogs, whom I have promised to comment to but have not managed yet due to everyday life!  Many thanks to all of you; each one of you have given me the kick I need on days that I would rather skip!

Sending a huge thanks to Arlee Bird of   Tossing It Out, who spearheads the A to Z Blogging Challenge April 2011.  My initial motivation in participating in the blogging event he put to life, was to put a bit of dynamic to my 365 blogging and self-portraits projects (I need all the help I can get to make it through 365 days of blogging! ).

What I did not expect was the positive energy I will be getting from the random visitors, who are also participating in the event, or found this blog page through his page.  It was very heartwarming, and I hope this week, through the IComLeavWe, I could give back the simple joy I have thus received, and pay it forward.

Well, I'll be logging off for now, and when I log back in again, I am hopefully refreshed and have lots of positive thoughts and energy to spread around! :)

Inspire, and be inspired fellow bloggers!

If you are participating in IComLeavWe April 2011, please do say hello and share why you are participating! And if you just happen to know about it, what do you think of the idea?

Postscript to this blog:

I had to remove and put an re-edited version of today's 365~ self-portrait because I failed to acknowledge that littlest  took the photo I present today!!! How could I fail to mention that!?!

If you would like to see more pictures taken of our 3 year old bundle of energy and joy, please see the posts with the tag LittlestLens.


  1. Hi! Thanks for the blog comment. You are very ambitious to do one of those 365 day challenges! Is that your family in the picture below? Yall are beautiful!

  2. Hi my friend. I look forward to following you!

    ICLW #65

  3. Hello Carmela!

    Nice to meet you. :)

    I admire greatly the sensitivity in which you express yourself in your most recent post.

    Looking forward to getting to know you more.


  4. Thank you B for dropping by! :)

    I am more insane than ambitious, to be honest. lol

    This 365 journey is not solely my creative outlet but my self-theraphy. I have been attempting to be successful at it for 3 years beginning 2008 (hoping this year will be the year I am!), and trying to do so in different forms (photography, writing, journaling, bloggig) since I learned about it 2007.

    It's my active fight against my manic-depression. A positive daily affirmation that I would not succumb to the downward spiral pull because there is so much worth fighting for to survive it.

    Sorry for the ramble! :) I think this is one reason I often lean on being a blog hermit because I ramble on comments. I felt the need to write what I wrote to remind myself the reason behind my insanity of doing it. lol Thank you for giving me the cathartic impulse to do so.

    Yes, the picture in the previous post is of my family. Without them, I would have probably given up my fight. I hope this does not sound melodramatic! This space is really about showing myself that life is beautiful because sometimes I get so blinded with the hurt.

    Thank you B for thinking us all beautiful! :) I am looking forward to read more from you!


  5. I can never keep up with 365 projects so I admire your commitment. Hope you have a lovely ICLW week!

  6. Hi! Stopping by to say hello for ICLW! Love your challenge!

    Fran, ICLW #131

  7. Thank you for the good cheer on the 365 and the ICLW week, Rochelle!

    I am a bit lagging behind with the commenting part since I did not realise the days will be so busy but I hope to catch up, as soon as I can, starting by visiting you once I posted for today. :)

  8. Thank you for stopping by, Fran!

    As I said to Rochelle, I did not realise that the days will suddenly be busy, and I had wanted to visit your blog yesterday but will make that up tonight. :)


  9. This is also my first time doing IComLeavWe. I happened to get behind because I had computer issues. I've known about ICLW for a while now, but never got around to doing it. I like to leave comments, but never usually take the time to do it. This helps with that.

  10. Beautiful blog and pictures!