Monday, April 4, 2011

C - Camera

I almost went for C is for Car ride, tonight (it would have been my easy, lazy post that will enable me to go to bed before 11 pm!).  Even if yesterday, I happily contemplated on C for Cheese (this I realized, needs a separate extensive post with more time for preparation)!

But I would not be me if I will not come up with a last minute idea to torture myself with...errr, to express myself creatively!

The point and shoot camera I am holding on today's 365~ self-portrait, actually belongs to P, who bought it 3 years ago, while he vacationed in Germany with me.  We chose it together, excited to record the beginnings of the life we will soon share.

Ever since we moved in together 2 years ago, I have more or less taken over the documentation of the family's daily portraits, adventures, celebration, and different milestones each of us reaches in life with this simple but much loved camera.

P found it self-evident, that it should be how it is.  I found it as another clear reason, why my spirit feels so free and cared for in our relationship.  He does not think of it as a gesture of generosity, for him it is self-explanatory, that I should have the camera since it serves as my creative way of  expressing myself.  He is joyous,when, where and with whatever I find my joy.

He wants to buy me a new camera for a while now , but I would rather keep this familiar, trusted camera, even if it is not as sophisticated as what other amateur photographers use.

I have a special bond with this camera; it feels  like a wedding ring that bonds P and I.  This metaphor is not so far off because I could say this camera is almost literally the extension of my hand!

What is the story behind your camera?

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  1. maybe you should try a SLR camera. They're pretty nice if you like artistic photos. although the one your holding is much more user friendly... (^_^)