Monday, April 18, 2011

O - Ode to Spring

All the freshness of life
I feel
In the middle of Spring

A promise within
I sense
In the middle of creation

A bud
A nest
A new born

Nature, truly at it's best.

spontaneous picnic at the 's Graveland Natuurmonument*

There is no woe
Nor sorrow
When your feet lies
On petals akin to snow

There is no fear
Nor distress
When you look up
The ocean seem to have covered the sky

As I ride my bike
Passing an ever changing landscape

I say a solemn prayer:

Let Spring
stay forever more

If only as an ember,
that burns consistently
In the hearts of men
That their hearts will not
freeze in Winter
dry up in Autumn
scorch in Summer

*Postscript to this blog ~

Here is the image from: a month and 2 days ago. Also, please click on images for better view!


  1. Oh to be in Holland, now that spring is here. Thanks.

  2. Hello, Elisabeth!

    We plan to be in Keukenhof for Easter. Hopefully, I will be able to photograph some great pictures, that you can enjoy.

    I still am editing in pictures from today. Alas, the day is always too short to do all the things I would like to do, to show more of the Netherlands.

    Still, this blog is all about simplifying, and for now the girls are our priority, that is why I am happy for now with what I can do.

    I look forward to your visits!

    Spring greetings, Joanna