Sunday, May 1, 2011

Randomness on the 1st of May

♡It's May!♡

Currently, I am dragging myself to save images I hurriedly stored on our desktop because I have been lazy to save them on the external HD, as each day ended in the past weeks of April.

This is not a good habit because I have lost a lot of family pictures through this! Although I have learned not to beat myself hard about such incidents, since I ONLY lost the pixels and not the memories (one does tend to attach to those pixels), I will always have the memories stored in my mind. It is also fun from time to time to have an evening of recalling what we actually did, without the aid of the pictures we have lost.

Still, it is lovely to have those pixels, so here I am pusssssssssshing myself to do what I tend to often procrastinate on: properly archiving pictures!

As it might be obvious to everyone by now, who have been graciously following this blog, I love doing collages and this relaxes me enough to distract me from the blah feeling I get while doing the chore that I am procrastinating on.

As I ate my lunch,

it's a curious feeling preparing lunch just for myself!

dreamily looked out of the window, at my favourite view

1st of May, the first picture from "our trees", which I am photographing regularly  through the different seasons

and recalled how P and I spent our day yesterday,

Our yesterday's cheers and tribute to Queen's Day

I dated pictures and put them in corresponding folders, and cleared this corner of the house and that corner of the house, steeling myself from just going out and grabbing my bike to escape from it all.

Now, I share this collage, and am forcefully willing myself to stand up and vacuum, mop the floor, THEN I have earned my ride on the bike, the freedom to take a camera with me, which has a fully loaded battery and a memory card  with 2 .0 Gb ; I am going to fight!.  Ermmm..., I meant, hopefully shoot some windmills!

P lying down on the chilla couch, totally spent from the day's events!

Have a great start in the month of May! 

Joyous cheers, and a good luck to all of us, participants of the 2011 WordCount Blogathon!


Originally, I wrote a draft with the title (Re-)Introducing Myself in May.  I thought I'll save it for a day, that is not full of jittery energy, like today seems to be!   This random entry was writing out my thoughts to be able to focus and abate the build-up of anxiety attack!

Just another random note to myself, to not forget: it is okay to is my blog after all!