Thursday, May 12, 2011

Something's Cooking!

365 ~ self-portrait that inspired today's post

Today was again one of those, days that I doubted if I will be able to think of something to write about because there were so many things going on. There are also a lot of things coming up over the weekend. This kind of situation usually sends me in panic mode and I blank out.

I reminded myself to breathe in and out and FOCUS!

Then I asked myself, what is the motivation of this blog?
  • It is not about selling a product or an idea.  
  • It is not about giving daily advice full of wisdom for a particular field of specialization or profession
What it is about is:
  • ... living the day's moments consciously , and recording the essence of the day in blog format, with the hope of inspiring, as one strives to keep one-self inspired
  • ... learning and exchanging ideas/philosophies with other bloggers/writers in the blogosphere
  • ... taking baby steps towards a profession/passion/dreame I once practiced/lived and dreamed of but due to many personal issues fell on the wayside
Letting all these points go through my mind as I cooked dinner for the family - my simple pleasure - relaxed me, and gave me the inspiration for today's post of the day.

Initially, I wanted to write about what I have been cooking up for ideas regarding how I plan to be blogging and commenting around in the blogosphere i.e. planning posts for the entire month, and pre-publishing, building up readership etc.  Tips and advice from Michelle V. Rafter at  WordCount , have inspired me to do so.

But while writing my draft, I encountered technical issues, and thought I should allot another time for writing out those ideas next week.

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