Friday, May 27, 2011

Snapshot of History

Today, I found out that this picture of the family with the Van Gogh Museum in the background has gained historical significance aside from having nostalgic worth for us. The sign of Van Gogh Museum has been changed and the new one is up, with official launching on the 1st of June!
My first visit of Van Gogh Museum was in 1998, a couple of days before it closed for a year long renovation - what luck!  It was very spontaneous, and unplanned, thus I did not have any picture from the time.   This picture was taken by a kind tourist last year in January, who saw me happily taking pictures of my family (preserving our first visit together of the museum!), and offered to shoot one with me on it.  Afterwards, I took a picture of the thoughtful lady, with her equally lovely companion.
Next week will be an interesting week since the girls will only have school until Wednesday, then onwards to an almost a week and a half break. P also got a message from the office that after Monday, he'll be free the week!  So, I am thinking of suggesting a visit to Van Gogh Museum over the weekend, specifically on Friday, when they have extended opening hours until 10 pm, featuring special events.
I'll take pictures of the new logo sign, perhaps even convince the family to recreate the picture above.  If you can't wait to see how the new sign looks like, you can also check it out on Van Gogh's Museum's FB page, where I learned about this news through the album they shared.
Do you have a picture of yourself taken with the old logo signage of Van Gogh Museum? Any plans of visiting?


  1. Thanks! I am glad you liked it.

    Hopefully, the links worked. I'll try to post the picture of the new sign as soon as I can.

    Joanna :)