Monday, May 30, 2011

Wordling Daily Mooosings!

I finally am able to participate in at least one of WordCount Blogathon 2011 theme days!  Today is Blogathon Wordle Day.  You could see "My Daily Mooosings in the Netherlands" version in the image below created through Wordle.

As early as now, I am making a promise to myself, that for next year's Blogathon, I would prepare ahead to not miss the fun of doing the suggested theme days. 

Better blog organization is one of the foremost things I have learned from this event.  One does not have to compromise a lot of quality time nor creativity, if one plans ahead.  I use to feel strongly about being spontaneous with the blogs I post but the more I progress towards goals I have set in my life (conscious and unconscious ones!), the more the need arise for scheduled blogging and online time. 

All these progress has been gained through writing/blogging, I feel it very ironic but it is a reality I am facing.  The more I feel confident at  blogging (less self-conscious or obsess about details), the more I would like to have little time spent online but more on creating experience I can share in brief writing, and continuous regular posting.

Does that make sense to you dear fellow bloggers?  How have you evolved in the last weeks of WordCount Blogathon, or in the time period since you started blogging?  

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