Monday, May 9, 2011

Preparing for Sunday's First Communion

Today we bought middle daughter's communion dress, together with a new pair of shoes to go along with it. 

We  also got a Spring/Summer dress for the eldest, while the littlest came back from Germany with a dress bought by Oma H. 

They would be both wearing these dresses on middle sister's special occasion, which will be on Sunday!

Another daughter, who will have her first communion.

 It seems not so long ago  that eldest had her first communion (June, 2006), and we were still living in Germany, and life was very different.

So many changes, so many transitions, but traditions, ceremonies of life's passages remains constant.

The more I grow with our girls, the more I find comfort on all things constant, while I find simple ways to go with life's ever-changing flow.

What memories do you associate with first communions?

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