Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hilversum, Horns and Horses

The soul would have no rainbow had the eyes no tears.
John Vance Cheney 

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For the first time today, since we moved to the Netherlands, the girls and I biked to Hilversum a total of 22 kms to and fro.

I was very proud of them, as was P, when he welcomed them home.  He had to work today, and I shared and showed our bike outing to him, through the pictures I took of our tour, while he let the dinner he was cooking simmer on the stove..

This week was a pretty hard week for me - emotionally, and psychologically rendering me physically weak as it mostly happens.  For this, I am extra grateful, that today, a lovely sunny Saturday, I was able to finally fulfill my promise to the girls of going with them to Hilversum on the bike.  

It was not only a fun laid back Saturday excursion but also a graspable experience for them, that although I deal with depression, I do not let it affect the plans we set out to do.  We might not do it right away, but we will eventually.  A promise is a promise.

As we planned we got scoops of their chosen ice-cream at a shop we discovered last week, after buying middle-daughter's first communion dress.

I'll be writing more about our bike tour in my other blog, The Lightness of Being on the Bike,  which I finally shared to family and friends on my FB page this afternoon; now I am sharing it here, as well.

The first post and currently the only post on the blog page, was posted on the 11th of April, also the same  day I created the blog and had the idea to record bike tours, travels, thoughts, ideas, experiences and memories recalled while on the bike.

I felt inspired by Tina Su, a blogger I admire, creator of  Think Simple Now, whose words on her FB post (talking from her personal experience), to put  ideas into reality, and share it "out there" even if it is not yet fully developed, and it is still taking shape, made me move into action myself.

Sometimes, somethings simply needs an inspiration from the outside and empowering roar in the inside of one's being, to make it happen.  And I did my mighty roar: just do it!

 How do you celebrate when the darkness has lifted from you, and the sun shines again in your heart?


  1. Hi stopped by from ICLW. I'm also working at simplifying my life. Looking forward to following along.

  2. Thanks for dropping by, SurlyMama!

    I hope the post was not very confusing, since I published it even though I was still in edit mode.

    Happy ICLW! And a rejuvenating weekend!


  3. this tells you what kind of little kid I was... my first thought upon seeing your post was "HORSIES!!!!"

    Um, yea, some things a gal just doesn't outgrow.

    When I'm feeling really depressed I find the most helpful thing is to spend time with one of my three dogs, especially Glen. Take him for a little stroll, get some fresh air, see the joy he takes in EVERYTHING, and usually sooner or later I find myself taking a deep breath and a smile appearing on me face.

  4. stopped by from iclw.... i love your idea for a bking blog! i look forward to seeing photos from your ride!

  5. Hi, BT (or may I call you Tulip?)!

    We've moved here in the Netherlands 2009, and it is only now that we are slowly settling down to fully absorb our surroundings, and we are thoroughly appreciating country life, most specially because of the animals we see daily grazing on the abundant fields.

    There never goes a time when the littlest will not squeal, "Cow!", "Sheep!" and yes "Horsies!" when we are on our bikes.

    We plan to take horse-backriding lessons as soon as we have perfectly arranged our family schedule (well, perfect is not what we actually aim for... at least not crazy as it could sometimes be... we are aiming for normal!lol).

    Yes, I can imagine that being with your dogs, considered as family, and not only companions can be very fulfilling specially when the dark clouds hang over one. Children and dogs have this magical specialness about them, and the way they take in, and breathe in life.

    Thank you again for dropping by!


  6. Hi, Jes!

    Welcome to my small corner of blogosphere. :)

    Thank you for your encouraging words on writing about biking;I decided a month ago to give my posts about biking it's own page, and if you like, you can read them here ~ The Lightness of Being on The Bike . It's still in it's beginning phase.

    Happy ICLW!