Friday, May 6, 2011

Thoughts As Mother's Day Approaches

My Mommy, , when she was 17 y.o.

These thoughts were written on the 5th of May...*

I will take the next few days as an occasion to sort out some old family pics, which I took with me when I left the Philippines for my first trip abroad, January 1993.

It is still difficult for me to look back because it seems since I left my birth country, life simply fast forwarded, and the years flew by so quickly with so many huge transitions, that I would have loved to have experienced with my family near by and not oceans away.

My Dad † passed away 1999, the year I conceived eldest daughter; my grandmother Nanay I † passed away before my Mommy finally visited us in Germany.  By then my own small family has grown with the second child in our second home in Hamburg.

There were so many milestones and painful experiences, which happened all at the same time, that I could enumerate but I have learned to focus on the great memories & treasured moments I did share with my family in the Philippines, and feel enriched by the great memories & treasured moments my family and I experienced in Germany.

There should be no place for regret in decisions made, which changed how life might have been. NOW is great BECAUSE of those decisions; the compromises and sacrifices one had to take along with those decisions are part of living.

Change is the only constant in life, which we have to accept for us to be able to truly BE in the simple moments we share, with the people we cherish.

Living in the now is what life is all about.

My thoughts as the days approaches  Mother's Day (Sunday, 8th of May)


With this post, I am taking Michelle V. Rafter's advice in 25 Ways to Blog Everyday, posted at WordCount, of pre-writing, and pre-scheduling the publishing of posts. Later on, I will be checking out  Editorial Calendar Plug-in, mentioned in the post, which is meant to assist with this endevour.

 It is a part of my baby steps to make blogging regularly a simple part of my life.


  1. Oh wow I missed so much this week! A holiday, a quiz, and now this! Trying to catch up as best I can...

    I agree that we can't regret the decisions we have made. If I had never come to Colorado I would never have met my husband. So as sad as I have been to miss out on a lot of things with all my family back in Washington, I know that moving far away forced me to be strong, independent, resourceful.

    I'm sorry that you are missing family, but glad that you are reflecting on good memories too.

  2. Hello! :)

    Thank you for giving me a lift me upper with your comment. I needed it, specially today.

    Yes, I learned it the hard way - focusing and cherising, what one have and not what we can no longer turn the hands of time for.

    Lately though, I have come to acknowledge that it is something I have to re-learn again and again.

    Again, thank you so much for taking time to leave such a thoughtful comment. MUCH appreciated. :)