Friday, May 13, 2011

Giggling over Geese

I write this kind of anecdotes specially for beloved P because at the end of a long day, I tend to forget how to tell the story in the rhythm, that I would have liked to have him witnessed and experienced the moment himself.

Sitting beside the Littlest, who is not ready to nap because she was up 2 hours later than usual, I asked her which DVD she would like to watch, and requested her softly to sit down and not groggily walk around.

I was simply grateful she did not choose Percy Jackson (each member of the family can recite the lines of all actors in the entire film; just to state the obvious: we watched it almost if not over a  hundred times!), that I did not mind when she said "Geese!" meaning Fly Away Home.  P's most favourite film of all time, which he enthusiastically shared with the girls

Well, our three year old has not viewed this film as much as she did the other films we have in our DVD collection because it is not as action packed as most films she likes; it starts tragically, and for her it builds up slow.  This has changed since last week, though.

As I planned, outlined, drafted and pre-scheduled publishing posts for "My Daily Mooosings in the Netherlands", I heard the littlest uttering lines from a scene, before Anna Paquin's character 13 y.o. Amy, even uttered it.

In this theatrical trailer of the film, you will see a scene of Amy's Dad played by Jeff Daniels, telling her that he would be busy catching up on work, and Amy replying, "I am not a baby. You don't have to hold my hand."

We have often heard the Littlest quote a line from a film but mostly she says only main words clearly, and other details she sort of mumble. As in the case of Percy Jackson, where her favourite line is: This is a pen! (in a scene where Pierce Brosnan's character gave him the pen and told him to "...use it only in grave danger.."). Littlest's version used to be, "ehhhh...unintelligible...pen!" Now she could say the whole line with proper intonation , emotion before she starts jousting with the aforementioned pen with her older sister, middle daughter K.

This happened today with Littlest's favourite line from Fly Away Home, "I am not a baby. You don't have to hold my hand."  Well, okay her version still remains: "...not a baby. ....not hold hand." But her intonation, emotion and earnest knowing look with her eyes focused on the tv screen, while reciting the lines made me crack up and go awww at the same time.

I asked her needlessly as I rewinded the DVD to that particular scene if she loved what Amy said, and she smiled widely, nodding not taking her eyes off the screen.

Then I leaned over and playfully whispered in her ears, "Well, Amy does not need her hand held anymore but Mommy can still hold your hand, right?" Littlest nodded, smiling.  "You are still my baby, right?" she replied almost with the 13 y.o. Amy's decisiveness, "I am Littlest!" .

She laughed right after and I giggled.


This was written yesterday under my FB Notes.  I thought I will share it here to share the lightheartedness I felt yesterday to fellow users of  Blogger, who experienced frustration of the site being down. I hope you enjoyed it!

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