Thursday, February 23, 2012

Taking Time on Thursday for Blogging

self-portrait blog for Berlin Marathon journey  @HappyFeetintheNetherlands

Apologies are in order for not following up on the many blog plans I've hinted at, planned, and promised.

Life, it's daily routine, demands and my passions (writing, blogging, photography, running etc.), which fuels me to be able to be present and attend to my responsibilities and duties to my love ones, are constant balls I have to juggle, and focus on keeping all safely in the air, and not let them all fall, and roll away from me never to be retrieved again.

It's almost the weekend, and I can blissfully share that I've managed to keep all these brightly coloured balls happily up n the air. :) What a joy it is to sit now, blog and proudly share pictures of what we've been doing (and will be doing) this week.

First: I finally ran again!!! I have been keeping myself physically active through biking, waiting until my chest cold has completely left me before I resume my training again in full force. Even though I love biking and have improved a lot in regards with my speed, I still worried constantly that I was "not" running, and would lose the condition I've built completely.  Biking, I find is a great way for me not only to keep myself fit but keep my heart pumping in a healthy safe way.

Happy! And very relieved. :D
Positive thinking held my spirits since December in self-empowering way, and now I could say without any doubt - after being riddled with different viruses throughout this Winter, and caring for the girls at the same time - , that I am strong, and I am confident my determination will hold me towards the path of fulfilling my marathon goal.

Taken today, as P ran again with me after his Winter hiatus

P and I ran together today.  Running solo has never been a problem for me, it's when I have my "me time", but it was oh so wonderful to have him again by my side; my P is a fun company, and today's run was a great reminder of that.

I'll be writing more about our runs together at Happy Feet in the Netherlands, and/or at Happy Feet of a Couch Potato.

Tomorrow is the last day of school!  The girls will be leaving the day after to visit and spend Spring school break at their Oma H.  It's going to be a heartwarming reunion, since they have not seen each other in a while.

image was taken last year, and share here:

Meanwhile P and I would be doing what we almost do every year during Spring break: Spring cleaning!

What are your plans for Spring break?


  1. I had a cleaning session yesterday and certainly feel much better for it. Unfortunately the cleaning didn't entirely extend to the whole house so there's much more that needs doing.

    Good luck on all your running. I definitely prefer cycling, but all exercise is good and makes you feel so much better after you've done it!

  2. Thank you for dropping by, and for the good wishes, happenence! :)

  3. I have yet to clean my room, its such a mess I dont even know where to start haha. I wish I can go back to my only exercise, which is jogging. I swear once I have found a new place, I'll definitely jog again.

  4. Spring break? Spring cleaning definitely! I have a massive garden that needs attention. I'm excited of see my daffodils and tulips. Take my daughter in the playground and walk miles and miles. I hate running. :( Nice post I want one of that bicycle were my daughter can ride at the back. I start saving for that thing. :))

  5. Spring break here is over.I did a little cleaning,can't clean the house in one day because of my asthma,bawal mapagod.We did visit Texas zoo on Spring break ,went to the Texas World Aquarium too but unfortunately did not make it inside because of long line waiting outside.