Thursday, March 1, 2012

11 minutes of the 1st of March

Yes, I am back at it - daily blogging!

My brain is toast (it's 11 minutes to midnight!). I wonder if I can even write more than a handful of sentences tonight.

But the point of this daily blogging exercise - at least for me - has been to mark a day, to capture the essence of it, whether with a long prose, a single image or only a single word. It's owning the 24 hours, and not feeling that they slipped by unacknowledged...

To describe today, as a single word: rewarding. :)

I have no image yet to share since P has the memory card. But I'll haiku the image I would have shared on this post :D

Way up in the sky
a yellow happiness flew
Look up Spring is near

How was your 1st of March? Got 11 (or less) minutes to share it?

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