Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Blue Heart

This month is a busy blogging month!   

I am participating in  March Photo A Day Challenge, brought to life by Fat Mum Slim. Also, March's NaBloPoMo hosted by BlogHer.  And preparing for Blogging from A to Z Challenge April 2012 by pre-writing the blogs for next month.

Today's photo of the day is something you wore.

I was not planning to share an old (very old! almost 13 years!) shirt from when I was pregnant with eldest; if I am not mistaken, I bought it from Hennes & Mauritz. Yes, it was my maternal shirt.  A favourite. No, I am not pregnant again!  It's simply a nice loose shirt for sweating in when I bike, and  when I run.

The heart-shaped sweat print was cute, so I thought as I removed it to dry myself, and get a new top, I might as well use it for the photo of the day.

Blue is my favourite colour, it makes me happy, free, and liberated.  Not only because it's the colour of the sky or the ocean.  When I was little I felt that colours have their own individual personalities, and blue was I felt a friend.

Before I totally sound insane, let me bid you a good day! :D Here is hoping the rest of your week will be brightened with techni-colour happenings.

What's your favourite colour?  And how does it make you feel?


  1. Ay parang gusto ko ring sumali dito sa challenge na to.. XD

    Favorite colour ko? I think it's yellow and lavender.. combination talaga. Pero I also like pastel green.. These make me feel happy. :)

  2. It's nice to be reading your work again! I've read your articles before and I know you are very articulate. Let me know if you've signed up at Yahoo! Voices. :)

    As for my favorite color, I don't know if I actually have one! I like a lot of colors, to be honest. >_<

    Thanks for dropping by my blog! And keep writing good stuff. :)

    Stef of Life and Fever