Saturday, March 3, 2012

Three in One Blog

  This month is a busy blogging month!   
I am participating in  March Photo A Day Challenge, brought to life by Fat Mum Slim. Also, March's NaBloPoMo hosted by BlogHer.  And preparing for Blogging from A to Z Challenge April 2012 by pre-writing the blogs for next month.

Speaking of A to Z Challenge.  Last year, I began my first participation in this blogging event by introducing the village we are living in, A for Ankeveen.

Since today's photo of the day should be your neighbourhood, I will be recycling both photo and post from the 1st of April, 2011, my first entry for the A to Z Challenge, for today's blog.

The entrance to our village, our neighbourhood

Living in the village, for someone like me who was born in a city and almost lived her entire life in metropolises, is like walking in many scenes of various books I have read throughout my life.  It is like being transported in idyllic surroundings of Brother Grimms,  Astrid Lindgren's writings, to name a couple of my favourites.

I am very happy that our girls are growing up not only  with nature surrounding us but learning how to have appreciation of  simplicity in village life.

The badge/insignia of Ankeveen

We are born city mice, now basking in the life of country mice! Living a dream.

Are you living in the place that resembles the one you dreamt of in your head while reading the books in your youth?

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