Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Snapshot of our 5PM

This month is a busy blogging month!   
I am participating in  March Photo A Day Challenge, brought to life by Fat Mum Slim. Also, March's NaBloPoMo hosted by BlogHer.  And preparing for Blogging from A to Z Challenge April 2012 by pre-writing the blogs for next month.

Today's photo of the day is  5PM.

It's a short and sweet post for today, folks. :) 

This is a day in the life picture or perhaps more accurate a 5PM in our lives.

I asked Middle Daughter to make sure the Littlest does not fall off with the bike, while I open the shed to store our bikes.  As I was doing so, my sport's wrist watch signalled that it was 5PM. I took the camera out of my jacket's side pocket, and snap this moment for posterity.

Details, details, details.  Littlest almost always fall asleep shortly before we reach home after school.  Middle Daughter almost always has that far away dreamy-eyed look. :D  And the yellow balloon is for P, he needs it for his Super Decathlon.  I forgot why, and how. 

What happened to you at 5PM today?

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