Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Outdoors: Sneeuw!

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 Sneeuw: Dutch word for snow (if you click on the link, it will bring you to Wiktionary, and you can hear how it is pronounced :) )

P cautioned me this morning before he went off to work about snowfall.  He worries about us at work, and his way with coping with worries is to check the weather in the evening, help with preparing for appropriate clothing by laying them out specially for our girls and calling a couple of times during the day to check if everything is okay.

We finally had a "decent" snowfall today!  It kept falling and falling, and covering the streets, transforming everything to liken Winter Wonderland.  This athmosphere has been absent for most of the Winter, and as you can see from the image I took of myself this morning after bringing the littlest to school, that I am over-joyed by the return of "real" Winter before we welcome Spring.

I'm one of those strange creatures :), who loves cold weather, and a lot of snow.  Last year, I not only biked for the first time through the entire year, through different seasons (first Winter biking in my entire life!), but I was happy to have been caught in a snow storm while riding with our bikes home.  I know insane! But not insane irresponsible! I called the girl's adoptive Omi B, and she brought home the girls, as I waited for P in a neighbourhood pub, so that he could bring home the girls bikes;  he drove, I biked and side by side we got safely home.

Today, we did not experience anything dramatic.  The cars all drove carefully, observing consideration in traffic to fellow drivers.  Our village were full of  traffic because of the frozen polder, well loved by passionate skaters.  Hopefully the temperatures still continues (at least during the weekend!) to be below 0, that the family will get the chance to skate on natural ice, too!

This day inspired me to a new blog theme for Friday - I'll take you outdoors with me as the weekend begins!

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