Sunday, February 5, 2012

Simplifying Sunday: Photo A Day Challenge

As I mentioned yesterday, I will belatedly share images for the days I missed so far for the February Photo A Day Challenge, brought to life by Fat Mum Slim.

Last year with MUCH effort I was finally able to succesfully complete a 365 challenge: photographing daily from July 2010 - July 2011.  I think my first attempt at this challenge, which I stumbled upon in Flickr, was in 2008.

Next year, I will attempt to face the challenge once again  of 365 days of blogging, and since it seems a natural thing to do (at least for me! lol) I might as well do a 365 days of photographing. :)

In the meantime, I am grateful for "mini-challenges" like February Photo A Day Challenge to keep me sharp and limber!

Many things which seems daunting eventually become simpler the more you practice doing it. 

I had the same train of thought, when I  commented on a friend's blog yesterday:

What I am doing with blogging (and with life :D) is keeping it simple, and focusing on what I truly love and what gives me and my family joy. Somehow, expressing oneself creatively (and living life!) comes easier when you do both: simplify and focus.

Another reason to blog regularly!  Positive behaviour definitely gets reinforced in this way.  Promise.

Now, back to those images I would like to belatedly share.

It seems serendipitious that I stumbled upon the challenge, just as I was going back to photographing daily.  Since the 365 project of 2010/2011, when the camera was almost an extension of my arm, I took it less and less with me after Summer 2011, and I could say I did not take much if any pictures at all the entire month of January.

I think I needed the break, and now feel rejuvenated and inspired to share how I view life through the lens.

Here are the links to the images (backdated posts!) :

February 1 ~ Your View Today

February 2 ~ Words

February 3 ~ Hand(s)

February 4 ~ A Stranger

And if you would like to see all the photos for this month, please click here: February Photo A Day Challenge

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