Thursday, February 2, 2012

On the Menu - Cooking One's Way To Regular Blogging

as always, please click on the image for a better view :)

From my experience, I can say, that regular blogging can be achieved:
  • by letting yourself be inspired by what's in front of your eyes!
  • by taking a picture of what you experience/observe/see everyday, which brings you joy
  • by creating themes for the favourite subject you like to talk and write about
  • by creating a schedule for those themes, you like to talk and write about
  • by simply blogging!
I'll follow my own tip, and share today (perhaps every Thursday!) what's "On the Menu" here at home.

What I cooked today for our late lunch is one of those meal combo  - sautéed liver, sautéed onion, apple sauce (what I served today though was apple compote) and mashed potatoes - which I learned to cook and put together in Germany; preparing this meal brings back good memories.  This time, I added to the combo, blanched spinach, which I sautéed, and sprinkled with fried bacon upon serving.

What was/is on your menu today?


  1. that looks so yummy! yeah your right regular blogging can be achieve. hahahha i should do that too! anyway, i had diniguan for breakfast... :-)

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