Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday's FYI!

Monday's relaxing Walk On Ice with P and our girls

Hi, y'all!

Just wanted to leave a blog before the weekend activities commences.  My laptop's power cable, I thought has finally said adieu this morning, but it's still stubbornly holding up (during editing of this blog it gave up again, and  I had to transfer to P's laptop)! 

Since this trusted friend of mine is SO unpredictable, I thought of ways to simplify my life, and avoid stress specially regarding blogging - my way of destressing in the first place.

First, I decided I better save all the images from yesterday, and those for this weekend, all meant for the February Photo A Day Challenge, and share them all on Monday or Tuesday.

Also the other pictures I wanted to share documenting our Walk On Ice 2012 will have to wait next week.  Ugh.  I  never learn! lol  P has been gently and consistently reminding me to transfer all my stuff to the external HD and since December, I have been negligent, and you know how easily you can ignore what you have to do and do what is more convenient - in my case save all my stuff on my laptop.

Second, I'm unplugging and reconnecting this weekend, earlier than the Screen-Free Week event :D.

I'm still trying to fully shake off this flu/cold virus that I have been dealing with since December - can you believe it?!  I tried everything and I feel because of new transitions in our lives, once again, it's just a natural process of my body to adjust and cope. In this way, I am reminded more and more to focus, prioritize, and simplify!

This is exactly what I am going to do this weekend! I've put the breaks yesterday, to put my mind at reset, and just rest for a complete 5 days!  Biking the girls to school when it's freezing cold has not been a good idea either and does not contribute to complete recuperation but at the moment there is no better alternative.

I've learned again this week, that it's okay to seek help, to tell and show others your vulnerability, and you gain more respect (as well as self-respect!) and strength for it.

This is after all the purpose of this blog, to share mine and my family's steps on the path towards a simple and enriching life.

Have a great weekend! And for those in the Netherlands : enjoy the walk/skate/fun on ice while we all can!!!


  1. I'm sooo dependent on my HD. I think you should transfer files soon. :)

  2. speaking of simplifying life, that's what im doing this whole two weeks. since i don't have internet at home at the moment, i plan to reconstruct my brains from my internet dependency. :) hope you have a wonderful week ahead :)

  3. @michymichymoo

    I am almost done! It always take something drastic like me not being able to access my files because the laptop kept crashing, that I suddenly feel this surge of energy I did not have before to simply, save, save, save files, I should have done months ago! lol

    Thanks for dropping by. :)

  4. @mary mary quiet contrary

    First of all, as I commented on your blog, we share(d) the same username! It makes me smile whenever I read it. I used to be mary, mary quiet contrary when I set up my account at Stumble_Upon.

    Wishing you the same! I think it's an awesome thing to do to unplug for specific time period. It does defrag our brain!

    Thank you for dropping by!