Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Little Moments

Currently, I am going through 7 years worth of pictures, and cataloguing, writing anecdotes for some of them.

Would love to have them published and binded in book form for our family and friends all over the world. Hopefully before Christmas.

Every year, I tell myself, this is the year I will finally finish and realise this project.

What gives the family much joy are Littlest' snaps and the corresponding stories to them. Often I have the camera to take snap shots of moments I would like to share to mijn liefste P and her sisters, for our after dinner stories.

This image I share was taken yesterday after a long day at school, followed by a play date, right after she was brought home by her playmate's mom.

Dirty, sweating, excited to jump in her bathtub, I had to hurry to get the camera to save a moment of her naughty glee. :)

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