Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Thank You!

Thank you for the kindness. A random simple gesture - a warm smile, a nod of acknowledgement, a wave of greeting, a minute of your time, a word of encouragement - means a world to someone else.

Thank you for the understanding
. "It's okay.", "It's all right." Plain words but very liberating for those you give it to.

Thank you for the acceptance. "You are not alone." "I go through the same." "I've been there as well." One never loses one strength in lending it in spirit to another.

Thank you for your generosity. It humbles me time and time again - the circle of giving does not stop with me...promise.

Thank you for giving comfort, faith, hope,
with your positivity and friendship. It's all worth it.

Sometimes life is slow, literally slow it seems for some. Most are slow because they carry a heavy burden. Or feel cloaked with heaviness for different reasons.

It's okay though.  Somehow it does eventually make for stronger character

The slow tempo of life.

When things seems slow to move forward, you are able to recognize what's most important in life. Truly.

Carrying someone over the threshold from where they can strongly believe in themselves again with kindness, understanding and acceptance makes the slow tempo of life for both very rewarding.

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