Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thursday's Travel: Schoolreisje!

As I've mentioned in previous posts of this year's Blogathon 2013, I am using this event to put into action ideas that I've wanted to put in effect for so long here but never quiet managed.

The family and I have travelled a lot together, separately, and yes, a few times each on our own. I've been meaning to record them all here because I was not able to record them right after we made the trip or after we have enjoyed the vacation.

The Month of June ~ in our Lives (left 2009, right 2007)

Today, baby step towards that intention.  Simple and short version to be followed some other time with a longer version.

Littlest was in a schoolreisje (school trip) for the second year in a row in Groep 1 (equivalent of Kindergarden).

It was very heartwarming to see how excited she was about it, and I was very proud of her that like last year, she did not shed a tear but had a huge smile of anticipation.

So proud that she was joyously and excitedly waving her goodbye.
I can cry - second year in a row! - my babies (13, 10, 5 y.o.) are all growing up too fast!

When she came back, she was exhausted!

"No pictures, Mommy!"
I beg her for some to show Dada, who can't be there to pick her up like we did last year.

Littlest's face covered in paint! :)

Aaah, she's relaxed a bit. :)

I took a stolen shot of Middle daughter. :D
She to had an awesome time!

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