Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wednesday's Weeeeeeeee: Our 6th Twogetherness-Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary, mijn liefste P ♡!
This is one of my favourite photo of Piet & I.

We were constantly stressed with what happened at the end of 2012  - losing our home, moving into a new house we have to renovate under time and financial pressure,  that we were not sure if we will be able to make the much awaited trip to Paris (planned months ahead before the fire) in the months that followed.

But we did, and the photo above preserves that celebratory joy, relief and gratefulness, that we have each other. 

It's obvious by now to all of you loyal readers, how much I love blogging. :D

It helps me a lot to cope with daily stress. Plus,  it caters to my obsession of documenting life as it happens.

This year, with so many things going on, I committed myself to 30 days of consecutive blogging -  here, and @Happy Feet in the Netherlands. It is my way of resisting being rushed through life, and holding on to moments longer than reality allows.

How in the world can one write blogs 30 consecutive days?

Well if you genuinely share stories from your life, you have enough materials to last you beyond 30 days!

Most of the blogposts are born out of things I share as an Facebook post, or even as an FB comment.

Here I am sharing an idea that came to me while sorting the pictures of our Marathon de Paris weekend - our first visit together in Paris (P was already previously in Paris in the early 80's).

I call this blogging idea: The Other Side of Romance (writing what maybe considered "unromantic" stories but are reality of relationships; every relationship has many interesting facets, that are not obvious on first sight!) - after sharing the current profile picture of Pieter and I, above I felt I had to share this other picture, which still makes me roll in laughter. It makes the Facebook profile picture, everyone LIKED more real, and not only seem "happily ever after!".

Before I finally got that picture I had to shoot 3 pictures to get that moment, I wanted to preserve; the joy I was feeling, that was bursting out of me.

P, tired after more than 8 hours driving, was just happy to relax his mind by sitting on the hotel bed, and mindlessly checking out the Paris television program.

So, here on this picture, the first shot I made to preserve that moment when I felt, "yay we are in Paris!" he was watching the French version of Extreme Make Over, the family's favourite in the Netherlands (the original USA version). He was as you can see very captivated! hahahahha

It was the same in the second shot! hahahaha (will edit in that other picture later )

Well, P ultimately obliged my obsession to preserve the moment, I wanted to preserve, and voilá that is now my current Facebook profile picture (first picture above).

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